Thursday, July 17, 2008

Smoke Belchers

I HATE SMOKE BELCHERS!!!! It's that simple. It's disgusting to look at vehicles on the road spewing out toxic black gases. It's seems the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) guys on the streets would rather ticket cars in the yellow lane than ticket buses who blow black poison into the air.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunset Over Metro Manila 2

Yes, I like watching sunsets and taking pictures of sunsets. Here's another picture of the sunset over Metro Manila. This was taken on July 11th.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sunset over Metro Manila

This shot was taken back on July 1, 2008 but I haven't had the time to upload. Most of the time, the skyline over Metro Manila is not nice to look at because of all the pollution but on that day, the sky was not that bad.

I really enjoying watching sunsets. Of course, sunsets are best when shared with someone special. :D

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Max Payne Movie Trailer

The two Max Payne games are both on my all-time favorite games list. Ever since I finished the Max Payne 2, I've been waiting for the next installment in the series which was hinted after the credits. It seems that before we take control of Max Payne for a third time, he's going to hit the silver screen. Here's the trailer for the Max Payne movie. I think it's quite weird with the winged creatures and stuff but it looks pretty interesting. Hopefully, Hollywood doesn't screw this adaptation up.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Everyone nowadays is talking about cleaner surroundings, cleaner air, cleaner water. I'm not going to give a solution that will instantly clean the world but I will give a small tip on how we can do our part to become part of the solution and not become part of the problem.

When you eat a piece of candy, what do you do with the wrapper? Whatever you do with it, don't throw it on the ground! If there's no garbage can around, put it in your pocket or you bag and throw it away later on in the day when there is one around.

For those of you who smoke, when you open a new box of cigarettes, you take off the plastic wrapping right? What do you do with it? Please don't throw it on the floor! Again, if there's no garbage can, keep it for a while and throw it away later on. Now, when you're done smoking a stick, you're left with a cigarette butt. You can't really put that in your pocket. If you can find a way to dispose of it properly and not just flick it away to the street or off the side of a building where you might hit someone or hit someone's car (yes, it happened to me), please do. But of course if you can quit smoking altogether, that would not only help the environment, it would also help you!

So I'd like to end with a quote from a Filipino comedian, Leo Martinez, who gives environmental awareness a comedic twist. Ending a sketch about picking up trash he says, "It's not hard to pick up your own trash. Because, you know, if you can, the trash can."

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What I ate yesterday

Yesterday was not one of my healthier days. We start with breakfast. Every Saturday, my girlfriend and I go out for breakfast. Yesterday, we went to Krispy Kreme for a doughnut breakfast. She had the lemon cheesecake doughnut and I had the glazed chocolate cake doughnut. Here's the pic:

Then for lunch, we went for some Burger King. We went through the drive-thru. I ordered a Fully Loaded Angus Beef Burger with large onion rings and a coke while she had a Whopper Jr.

For dinner, I headed over to friend's house. He was having a small gettogether and he invited me over along with a few of our other friends. There were chips and salsa, chicken wings, pizza, sausage rolls, garlic bread and some vegetables. Then for dessert, we had some homemade brownie a la mode.
May have been unhealthy, but it was delicious! Oh well! Just means more exercise!